Internship & Practicum


Inquire about an internship or practicum experience at This placement is ideal for students interested in macro-level social work practice, but all students will be considered.

If you are interested in a practicum experience in a domestic violence shelter, please contact one of our member programs.

Students have many potential opportunities with KCADV based on individual interests and course requirements, including:

  • Develop and assist with social media efforts, publications, and branding
  • Assist with preparation for and attend the annual KCADV/KASAP Ending Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Conference
  • Assist with research and evaluation efforts 
  • Attend Certification Modules and trainings
  • Develop fundraising efforts
  • Shadow lobbying efforts
  • Gain exposure to diverse social service providers and opportunities


“Working here was great. You get to interact with a lot of people from different backgrounds, whether it is over the phone or at a shelter. It was really nice to see some results and statistics from all of our work. I had real life experience to discuss during my Research Methods class.”

“I had a GREAT time interning at KCADV! I was given the chance to enhance my interpersonal skills, which is imperative in the field of social sciences. The environment at KCADV is very welcoming, and every person who I came in contact with was patient and always provided me with the assistance that I needed to be able to complete a task.”

"As a summer intern at KCADV, I had anticipated that I would learn about how to function in an office setting, meet deadlines, and work as a team with the staff. What I did not expect were the greater life lessons I learned during my time with KCADV. I was able to listen to speakers, attend training sessions, and bond with a group of women so passionate about their work and the people they serve. I walked through the Capitol building with KCADV's Legal Counsel and was privileged to hear a panel of our State Representatives speak about the wellbeing of vulnerable Kentuckians. 

The impact of my experience at the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one that I will not forget. The work that KCADV does on a daily basis is both humbling and admirable. The passion these women have to succeed in their mission to end domestic violence is why I have great pride in my internship experience with KCADV."