July 2020 Board

AGENDA - July 14, 2020 Board Meeting Agenda.docx

LIST of BOARD of DIRECTORS - 2020 - KCADV Board as of July1 - revised 7.1.20_0.docx

LIst after Rosemary was approved in this Board Meeting - 2020 - KCADV Board - revised 7.18.20_0.docx

Board Committees FY21 - KCADV Committees FY2021 - 7.5.20.docx

April Board Meeting Minutes - KCADV Board Mtg April 2020_1 CKB AY.docx

May Financial Statements - Profit and Loss - May.xlsx

Unrestricted- May.xlsx

Balance Sheet - May.xlsx

Budgeted Revenue to Actual -May 2020.xlsx

Revised Funding Distribution Formula - REVISED KCADV Funding Formula Guidelines.doc

FY21 KCADV Budget - FINAL KCADV FY2021 Budget BY Funding Source.xls - Compatibility Mode.pdf

Notes to FY21 Budget - FINAL FY21 Budget Notes .xlsx

Moment of Truth Letter - Moment of Truth - final (002).pdf

Implicit Bias Guest Speaker Bio - Tamika Holliday-Jackson Bio.docx


CEO Report - Org Chart - Organization.pdf

Staff Team Restructure - Team Restructure as of 7.6.20.xlsx

Staff Listing - 2020-07-06 Who Does What at KCADV.xlsx

LEARN Staff Evaluation - KCADV LEARN Staff Evaluation_0.doc

Workplan Template - Workplan Template 2020 - Revised 7.6.20.xlsx

New Board Applicant for Consideration - Rosemary Luckett.docx

Federal Lobbying Report - Resources left with legislators:

Standards Review Process - SRC 2020 - FINAL.docx

  Appendix B - Model Grievance Policy Revised Feb 2020_0.doc

KY Letter Discussion - 

KCADV Statement - DRAFT KCADV Letter for BOARD 7.12.20.docx

Outline for Discussion of the KCADV Statement - Outline for KCADV letter discussion.docx

Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence Statement - MCEDSVstatementfinal.docx


Additional Resources added after Board meeting: