KCADV Welcomes New CEO

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The Allstate Foundation awards $50,000 grant to KCADV's Economic Empowerment Program

The Allstate Foundation has made a $50,000 grant to KCADV's Economic Empowerment Program. The Allstate Foundation has made a national commitment to ending domestic violence through financial empowerment. “Allstate has been with us from the beginning as we developed innovative approaches to financial empowerment for survivors. Specifically, Allstate helped us start a microloan program and a matched savings program for survivors who need to purchase a car,” said Deputy Director Mary O’Doherty.

PNC Grants KCADV $7,500


PNC has made a grant of $7,500 to support financial education and credit building for KY DV survivors.

Toyota Grants KCADV $20,000 to support financial education for DV survivors in KY


Toyota granted KCADV $20,000 to support financial education and safety for DV survivors in KY.  Toyota has been a loyal donor since 2010, empowering thousands of DV survivors to establish safe and stable lives.

Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels grants KCADV $7,474


The KY Colonels announced a grant of $7,474 to provide appliances in a new apartment complex for DV survivors in Hazard, KY. 

US Bank grants KCADV $2,400 for financial education classes for survivors


US Bank awarded KCADV a $2,400 grant to support financial education classes for DV survivors in the Bluegrass region and eastern Kentucky. USBank has been a longtime, local supporter of KCADV’s Economic Empowerment Project. “The US Bank grants help us provide financial education and credit counseling in underserved communities and we value their loyal support,” said Project Director Andrea Miller.

Frances Hollis Brain Foundation awards $5,000 grant

The Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund awarded a $5,000 grant to serve 200 participants in the Bluegrass region with financial education classes and credit counseling. The fund was established to honor the lifetime legacy of giving by David and Frances Brain of Lexington KY. “We are grateful to receive this second grant from the Brain family;” said Mary O’Doherty; “They are filling a vital need so DV survivors can attend these classes by providing meals, child care, transportation and credit reports.”