2017 Handouts


The Intersection of Sexual and Domestic Violence and Mental Health Diagnoses: Parenting Children who Have a Mental Health Diagnosis; Parenting with a Mental Illness

Victim Advocacy: Victim Advocacy; Is Your Organization Trauma Informed?; Multidisciplinary Teams Training


A1: Trauma-Informed Care Strategies: Screening Tools; PowerPoint

A5: Prevention Toy Box: Tools for Community Engagement: Introduction; Let's Go to the Beach; Netty Spaghetti; Speedy Town; Thriving Tomatoes; What Surrounds Us; Fun for All; Violence Prevention Strategy Selection Framework; Unpacking the Prevention Toybox

A8: Best Practices in Serving Human Trafficking Victims: PowerPoint

A9: Implementing Hospital-Based DV Screening and Advocacy: Arise to Safety LAP and instructions; PowerPoint

B1: Effective Techniques for Relapse Prevention Planning for Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorder and Intimate Partner Violence: PowerPoint; Relapse Prevention/Aftercare Plan

B6: Child Brides: How State Laws Can Legalize Exploitation: Safety Tips for Overseas Travel; Intersectionality of Forced Marriage/Abuse; Forced Marriage Initiative Brochure; Good Housekeeping Article; Tahirih Child Marriage Backgrounder 

B7: Intimidation of Victims of Sexual Abuse in Confinement: Handout; PowerPoint

B9: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Ethics: PowerPoint

C4: Self-Awareness: Know Yourself and Improve Relationships: Enneagram Diagram; Enneagram Overview

C5: Criminal Meets Civil: Coordinating Our Response: PowerPoint; Handout

D5: The Big Picture: Applying Intersectional Advocacy: Bibliography; Glossary; Resources; PowerPoint; Client Demographics

E2: Bullet Journaling--How to Do More with Less: Collection & List Ideas